All those interested in the theme of risks in context of conflicts are invited to participate in this event, for their prevention and construction of resilient societies, with a view to exercising an active citizenship in the reduction of risks and conflicts:

  1. Researchers and Faculty of Higher Education Institutions;
  2. Executives and Technicians of Central, Regional and Municipal Organisms in the public and private sector;
  3. Civil Protection Agents (Firefighters, Security Forces, Armed Forces, Health Care Providers and Disaster Medicine, …), Technicians and professionals from the various public and private organisms, related to risk assessment, disaster management, planning territory, education and communication;
  4. Doctoral, Master’s and Bachelor’s students whose work is the result of academic-scientific research in the context of risks and catastrophes;
  5. Members of the civil community and associations and/or non-governmental organizations interested in or working on the issue of disaster risk reduction;
  6. Teachers of Portugal National Education System, Pre-School, 1st Cycle, 2nd Cycle, 3rd Cycle, Secondary Education and Special Education.