By Transportation:

By Plane

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Folheto Informativo

Porto – Francisco Sá Carneiro Airport (110 km from Coimbra);
Lisbon – Portela Airport (210 km from Coimbra).

It is recommended to use the train to move from the airports of Lisbon or Porto to Coimbra:

In Lisbon there are two railway terminals: Santa Apolónia and Oriente. The nearest airport terminal is the Oriente (approximately 3 km). Those arriving at Lisbon airport should take a taxi to the Lisboa-Oriente train station. The Lisbon-Coimbra B timetables are these.

From Porto airport it is recommended to use the metro (line E) to get to the Campanhã Railway Terminal (approximately 33 min). Those arriving at Porto airport can go from METRO to Porto-Campanhã train station. The Porto-Coimbra B timetables are these.

Participants can also benefit from a partnership with Here&Dare, from the CMAC group, in which they can enjoy a special 10% discount on the transfer from Lisbon or Porto airport to the city of Coimbra, and vice versa, when making the reservation directly to the email: or +351 914 107 395, making a reference to the VI International Risk Congress when booking.
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By Train

From Lisbon or Porto you will arrive in Coimbra using the trains that depart from the main Portuguese cities (Lisbon and Porto) and are operated by the company “Portuguese Railways” -CP ( There are also some international trains coming from the Vilar Formoso / Irun border, which arrive daily in Coimbra. The congressmen who use the train to reach Coimbra will disembark at the Coimbra B train terminal.

It is recommended to use the taxi service to go to the lodgings. There is also the option to use the connecting train from Coimbra B and go to Coimbra A (city center) for the accommodation located in the “Baixa” of Coimbra. The connecting trains will be available in Coimbra B and there is no need to buy a ticket. The ticket purchased to travel to Coimbra B will serve the connecting train (from Coimbra B to Coimbra A).

By Bus

Regular bus services connect several cities, towns and main localities of the country to Coimbra. The main operator is Rede Expressos (www.rede-expressos.en/).

By Car

From Lisbon (south) or Porto (north) use the A1 (motorway).

The A14 connects Coimbra to Litoral (Figueira da Foz), which accesses Lisbon and Porto by new motorways, closer to the coast: A17 and A8 to the south, and A17 and A29 to the north.

The IP3 connects from the interior of the country (Viseu) and, through the A25, from the Spanish border.

Information on the urban transport network of Coimbra is available at this addresss.