Thematic panels convene studious on the subject, as well as all those who can contribute to the expansion of knowledge related to them. Each theme refers to the understanding of disciplinary and interdisciplinary dialogues where local knowledge intersects with scientific and technical knowledge, from exact sciences, earth sciences to human and social sciences.

There are 8 thematic lines, divided into 5 general panels and 3 groups of works, in which any author of works, oral or poster, can submit their works.

General Thematic Panels:

Panel 1 – Climate change, environmental risks and social vulnerability
Panel 2 – Conflicts, technological risks and infrastructures
Panel 3 – Disputes, natural resources and protected areas
Panel 4 – Dispossessions in urban contexts
Panel 5 – Territorial identities and conflicts

Thematic Panels of the Working Groups:

G1 – National Network for the study of Forest fires and their effects on Soils (NFS)
G2 – Catastrophe Medicine (MedCat)
G3 – Research Group for Risk Education (RGRE)