The VI International Congress on Risks will take place in the days 23 to 26 of May 2023, at the Faculty of Arts and Humanities of the University of Coimbra. The days 23 to 25 of May, will be dedicated to scientific activities, which will include the presentation of communications (oral and poster) by the registered participants, coming from various nationalities and scientific areas, as well as holding conferences by reputed invited experts (Keynote Speakers). The day 26th will be reserved for technical visits (field trips).

The signing of Cooperation Protocols with the National Emergency and Civil Protection Authority, the National School of Firefighters and the Regional Civil Protection Service of Madeira , among others objectives, will allow a great participation of the various civil protection agents .

Sponsoring the VI International Congress on Risks allows greater visibility to your company or institution, before the Congress, through the material of disclosure, as well as during its realization, through the material to be produced and another that can distribute in it and / or be exposed and, after the Congress, in the books that will be published with the material that will be presented in Congress .

To consciously define your support amount, see the full list of the various types of sponsorships and their respective counterparts

Sponsor’s promotion space in the Congress programme paper (download layout (pdf))1 full page1/2
Sponsor logo in all the Congress documentacion given to all the participantsXXXX
Logo in the Congress web pageXXXX
Link from the Congress web page to the Sponsor web pageXXX
Projecton of the Sponsor logo during the debates and in the Congress breaksXXX—
Sponsor’s promotion item inclued in the Congress bagXX——
Free registrations10421
Exhibit space to preente the Sponsor’s roller(s) or a poster21——

Other Sponsorship oportunaties

The counterparts for sponsorship of other amounts will be analyzed case-by-case.

For more information consult the Regulation (pdf) and the Poster (pdf).