RISCOS – The Portuguese Association of Risks, Prevention and Safety (APRPS), founded on December 18, 2003 and with its head office in Lousã, has been carrying out various activities in order to bring together citizens and institutions in Portugal. responsibilities for risk management, from prevention to rehabilitation of the areas affected by them, to those providing assistance, bringing together entities and citizens that look after the security of people and their assets.

One of its objectives is to promote scientific development, as well as its dissemination in Congresses, which have constituted true training actions, having carried out 14 National Meetings of Risks. The first one was held in Coimbra, the second in Porto and the third in the Lisbon region, more precisely in Mafra. In the following years three more were held in Coimbra (from IV to VI), the seventh was held in Aveiro, the eighth in Guimarães and the ninth, again in Aveiro. The tenth was held in May 2016 at the Polytechnic Institute of Viseu. In turn, the eleventh took place in Lisbon and the twelfth in Faro, the thirteenth was the first in the islands, in Funchal (Madeira) and the fourteenth returned to Coimbra. The fifteenth is being carried out and will return to the islands, in this case to the Island of São Miguel, Municipality of Povoação (Azores). Likewise, it organized International Congresses on Risks , the first two being held in Coimbra and the third in Guimarães. The fourth and fifth took place in Coimbra, and due to their success, the next one will take place again in Coimbra, in May 2023.

The International Congresses are an important point in the life of RISCOS Association and the specialists in cyndinique sciences: teachers, technicians, professionals, students and, also, the operational ones related to the civil protection, that participate in them. In fact, by bringing together a wide range of specialists, from different thematic areas and from different nationalities, as well as from operational ones, which respond to the concrete manifestations of the different types of risk, these Congresses allow to establish a proficient dialogue between Science and Users and a no less important exchange of knowledge among participants.

Faced with the success of the events, there are already several entities that throughout the years have been accompanying RISCOS in the accomplishment of National Meetings and International Congresses on Risks, from Universities in the North to the South of the country, Research Centers, as well as the main National Entities of Civil Protection, with which Cooperation Protocols were established, namely: ANPC – National Civil Protection Authority, ENB – National School of Firemen and SRPC – Regional Civil Protection Service of Madeira.

By sponsoring the Sixth International Congress on Risks it will give your company or institution greater visibility, not only nationally but also internationally, being able to not only publicize the services it provides and the products it markets with a target audience of excellence , but also participate in the Congress where you can observe the main methodological evolutions and the technological innovations registered worldwide.