Similar to previous editions, we intend to dedicate each of the field trips to the manifestation of a type of risk, in order to give a more technical and in loco look at risk manifestations, as well as other aspects related to a landscape in which they manifested.

Participants can choose from the following two options:A


At the beginning of the trip, a bilingual (Portuguese and English) printed exemplar of the guidebook of the respective field trip will be distributed to each participant, containing scientific and technical documentation that will support the risks that will be analyzed in the respective trip. Each book will be illustrated with photographs and maps that will allow you to follow the various aspects that will be presented and discussed throughout the trip.

It is recommended to bring weather-adjusted clothing and comfortable walking shoes, as you will need to make short walking routes.

Lunch will take place in the field, and a lunch box will be distributed to each participant.

Participants in the fiel trip of social risks (Lisbon) , if they wish, may not return to Coimbra and stay at the airport or in the city, for which they must be accompanied by their suitcases and inform the Organization in good time.

In order to be able to return to Coimbra at the scheduled time (up to 20 hours), participants must strictly follow the schedules and instructions given by the coordinators.

Each of the technical visits will only take place with a minimum registration of 15 participants. If a visit does not have enough registration, participants will move on to the second visit of their choice (their will be no refounds).